The 15 Best Devotionals for Young Professionals Needing a Recharge

In adulting life, some weeks are packed to the brim with work commitments, friends, family, housework, hobbies, and more. It’s equally exciting and draining, thrilling and exhausting. But one powerful way to recharge and refocus on what really matters is spending time with God. But how to do that in the crazy adulting life you have?

With daily devotionals. When you’re not sure where to turn in the Bible or how to mediate on Scripture, devotionals are a great way to stir spiritual inspiration. Hopefully in this list of devotionals for young professionals and 20 somethings, you’ll find the right daily devotional for you.

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What is a daily devotional book?

A daily devotional book contains scripture readings, commentary for meditation, suggested reflection questions, and/or prayers in a quick, digestible format. Some devotionals are longer than others, but typically they are short in length and leave liberty for you to spend more time in meditating and praying over God’s word.

Devotionals differ from Bible studies in their length and intensity. I recommend Bible studies for group study as the accompanying material is usually more challenging, more intense, and studied at a faster pace. Group Bible studies provide time for fellowship and the opportunity to learn from one another. 

However, we should never forgo our personal time with God. Being a Christian is about our personal relationship with Jesus, so it’s important to prioritize our one-on-one time with God. 

Devotional Topics for Young Adults

Daily devotional books for young adults are usually topical in nature. 

They may focus on an aspect of the Christian faith:

Or an aspect of life:

Or a specific part of the Bible:

  • Psalms
  • Proverbs
  • Kings of Israel
  • Paul’s Letters
  • Prophecy
  • Etc.

Reading a daily devotional is a great way to dive deeper into a topic that interests you, that you struggle with, or that you want to learn more about.

Devotionals for Women

When picking a devotional, consider choosing a ladies devotional with specific devotionals for women. Written by women for women, they inspire and strengthen us by pointing us back to where our identity should always be found—in Jesus Christ. 

There are some aspects unique to our female experiences that are hard for others to understand. For example:

I’ve read some great devotionals for women that speak to these issues and offer encouragement. Even if you don’t opt for a ladies devotional, any devotionals for young professionals or 20 somethings will always point us back to God.

15 Devotionals for Young Professionals 

With those items in mind, let’s dive into these 15 best devotionals for young professionals. Their hand-picked by yours truly with ladies devotionals, best daily devotionals for 20 somethings, best daily devotional journals, and other great devotionals to consider. 

Whether you only have time for a short devotional or need an online devotional for on the go, there’s a daily devotional out there for you. 

Best Devotionals for 20 somethings

1 – Jesus Every Day: Beautifully Broken – Devotional Guide

Beautifully Broken Devotional Guide
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Do you ever open up your Bible for quiet time and not know where to turn? This devotional guide may be just what you need. Written by Candace Cameron Bure, this dude focuses on living in freedom and joy even in our brokenness. It has 25 sessions with verses for you to mediate on, questions to ponder, and space to reflect. 

2 – Life: An Obsessively Grateful, Undone by Jesus, Genuinely Happy, and Not Faking it Through the Hard Stuff Kind of Devotional

If you’re looking for a book with devotional topics for young adults, this one should make the top of your list. The Christian devotional author, Lisa Harper, has a down-to-earth writing style that is honest, humorous, and relatable.

She reminds us that the gospel applies to every moment of our life, shining good news on whatever circumstances we’re facing.

3 – Seeing Beautiful Again: 50 Devotions to Find Redemption in Every Part of Your Story

These 50 devotionals for women focus on redemption and recognizing the redemptive power of God through our pain and emotions. Included in these daily devotionals for women are reflections, Scriptures, prayer cues, and structure to guide your time with the Lord.

Top Picks – Ladies Devotionals

4 – God Hears Her – 365 Devotions for Women by Women from Our Daily Bread

These daily devotionals for women are inspired by Hannah’s story from Samuel 1 and accompanied by other Scriptures, inspiring quotes, and personal stories. Written by a team of women from Our Daily Bread, the short devotions will remind you that your Father in heaven hears you and cares for you.

5 – NKJV Daily Devotional Bible for Women

Why have a Bible and a devotional book when you can have two in one? The daily devotionals are built into the Bible so you can find reflections relevant to the passage that you’re reading.

The devotionals were authored by a team of diverse women to offer insights and advice from various experiences.

6 – Portraits of Devotion by Beth Moore

Another daily devotional for women that will carry you through the entire year (even a leap year). While these devotionals are longer, they are written as reflections from the devotional author, Beth Moore, and take you through the lives of Jesus, David, John, and Paul. If you like to read stories and reflections to be inspired, then this devotional may be for you.

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Short Devotions for Young Adults

7 – Jesus Calling: Enjoying Peace in His Presence

Take a stroll around the aisle with Christian books for young ladies or devotionals for women, and you’ll likely find this one on the shelf. Jesus Calling by Sarah Young got me started with reading my Bible and spending time with God daily. These are short devotions that have relatable topics for young adults and young professionals, too.

The devotions are written as if Jesus is talking directly to you, which emphasizes what it feels like to have a personal relationship with God.

8 – Awaken: 90 Days with the God Who Speaks

This devotional is meant to be a companion for your time with God. It should encourage and prompt you to dig deeper into your personal time with Him. God does speaks to us, and the devotional author, Priscilla Shirer, want to help you discover what He has for you as you walk in relationship with Him.

9 – 100 Days of Believing Bigger – Devotional Journal

Believing Bigger Best Devotional Journals
Photo from Dayspring

Have you been limiting God by what you think he can’t do? Marshawn Evans Daniels wrote these daily devotionals to help women believe and have faith in God’s character—that He is bigger, stronger, and more powerful than any of our circumstances. As you read the devotionals, there’s space in the book for journaling your thoughts and reflections.

Best Online Devotions for Young Adults

10 – Online She Reads Truth App

I enjoy She Reads Truth and their materials because it has no fluff, just Scripture and reflection questions. Any materials or books they have push you to open your Bible. If you’re looking for great online devotions for young adults, She Reads Truth has a Daily Devo app that you can download or free reading plans for you to follow in your time with God. (Note: You can buy the book for the reading plans or complete them online for free.)

11 – First 5 App

Want to read short devotions with women from around the world? Download the First5 app from Proverbs 31 Ministries or bookmark the website for short online devotions every day. There will be a scripture reading daily, a quick devotion, a prayer, and reflection questions. 

12 – In Touch – Online Devotionals 

In Touch devotionals are one page, perfect for people who need short devotionals for their busy lives. The short devotions are relatable to young adults and discuss devotional topics in quick, digestible snippets with accompanying Scriptures to read. You can receive mailed devotionals, read them online, or listen to them at

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Best Daily Devotional Journal

13 – 100 Days of Faith Over Fear – Devotional Journal

Faith Over Fear - Best Devotional Journals
Photo from Dayspring

One of the best daily devotional journals with a focus on overcoming fear with faith in God. If you’re often crunched for time, these short devotions will be perfect for you. They include plenty of space for journaling, prayer prompts, and Scriptures.

14100 Days of Grace & Gratitude – Devotional Journal

Here’s another of the best daily devotional journals focusing on being grateful. This journal includes short devotions perfect for young adults, scriptures for meditation, inspiring quotes, and space for reflection and prayer. With these reminders of God’s goodness, grace, and love for us, you can rest in the truth that you are loved by God.

15 – Lord, I Need You: Prayers from a Humble Heart Devotional Journal

Prayers for Humble Heart - A best devotional for Young Professionals
Photo from Dayspring

Unlike the two devotional journals above, this one focuses on prayers. It includes a daily scripted prayer and scriptures to medicate on along with lots of space for reflecting. Prayer is how we connect with God, and this journal will draw you closer to Him.

That wraps up the list, but if you haven’t found what you’re looking for yet, stay tuned. Here at Kara J Lovett Co, I’m working on a new project:

a working woman devotional for young professionals. 

It will include scriptures for reflection, prayer prompts, thoughtful questions, and relatable devotional topics for young adults navigating the adulting struggle. Make sure to sign up for KJL Co. emails, as samples of the devotionals will be sent to subscribers only.

Best Daily Devotionals for 20 Somethings

When it comes to finding a daily devotional for young professionals, there are so many great devotionals to choose from. Whether you need a short devotion to read in between work calls or an online devotion you can access from anywhere, there is something to fit every adulting lifestyle. 

I hope this list of 15 best daily devotionals for 20 somethings encourages you to open your Bible and spend time with God. So, grab a book of devotionals for young professionals and dive in. 

What are some good daily devotionals you use?

Leave me a comment below!

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