The Getting it Together Guide

Dealing with Tough Adulting Situations

There will be obstacles in college and in your early career where you’ll been tempted to give up. For those times, here are 10 strategies for dealing with tough adulting situations and bonus content to motivate you not to give up.

Why is Adulting so Hard?

Adulting is so hard because we’re transitioning so many parts of our lives at once and still trying to be us.

We’re trying to stay true to ourselves while everything else in life is shifting.

The intensity of the “adulting” things that we are suddenly doing is also a challenge. It’s not just because adulting is hard, but also because we’re doing a lot of adulting things at once, at a higher frequency, and during a time when so much is also changing. We’re changing jobs, moving cities, meeting new people, starting new chapters in our lives as young professionals.

But you don’t have to navigate the adulting struggle on your own. Here at Kara J Lovett Co., we want to support you during this challenging time of figuring things out. That’s why we’ve made the Getting it Together guide.

The Exclusive Getting it Together Guide

This exclusive guide includes 25 pages of encouragement and support for navigating the adulting struggle. It has proven strategies for tackling tough adulting situations and motivating yourself to be productive even when you’re not feeling it. Here are the highlights:

mock up of pages in the getting it together guide
  • 10 Practical Strategies on How Not to Give Up when Adulting is Hard
  • 5 Thoughtful Devotionals with different Scripture passages, Reflection Questions, and Prayer Prompts
  • 3 Authentic Prayers to help you be honest with God and persevere in tough situations
  • 12 Verses and Passages about Endurance for further Reflection and Meditation
  • A List of our Top 19 Resources for Living & Adulting, Working & Career, and Growing in Faith
  • A Personal Note about Adulting in 2022
  • Plus as a BONUS: 8 Easy ways to Stay Productive at Work for all the Young Professionals finding their free time shrinking and their work responsibilities growing.
Wherever you are in your adulting journey, this is the guide you need to not help you persevere when adulting is hard and put your trust in Jesus during the expected and unexpected.
mock up of the sample content available in the getting it together guide by Kara J Lovett Co.

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