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As the resident blogger of Kara J Lovett Co., I have most of my writings carved out on these webpages in cyberspace. But every once and a while, I write a guest blog post for another website or blog. 

Here’s where my work has been featured.

Reclaim Today, February 2023

Let God Transform Your Heart

“When I was in charge of my own life, I put all my hope and energy into the wrong things. The master I was serving—an identity based on looks, approval from others, and perfect health—was a life that would ruin me… 

“I needed Jesus to be the key change, the turning point in my life. It would mean surrendering my strict diet and healthy rules and giving up control. It would mean not letting a number on a scale or a pant size rule my life, or an obsession with perfect health be my master. As Paul describes in Romans, I’d have to be “dead” to those things.

“So, like the prodigal son, I turned around and went home to a loving Father who ran out to meet me.”

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Reclaim Today, May 2022

Choose Trust Over Fear

“On July 19th, 2021, I did something gutsy. I prayed that God would show up.

“It was a prayer of faith as much as a prayer of desperation. I was tired of being complacent and thirsting for more. My work, though it paid the bills, left me empty and frustrated. The talents and interests God had given me felt wasted, and despite several attempts to pivot my career, I wasn’t making any progress.

“So, I prayed God would show up in ways that were so incredible they could only be attributed to him.”

The Glorious Table, February 2022

The Power of the Gospel

“As someone who heard the gospel every summer at vacation Bible school, I still sometimes struggle to share it. I not only lack courage but also the je ne sais quoi that preachers have when they give the altar call.

“It’s not how I share the gospel that matters. The power of the gospel itself draws people to Christ. I’ve been meditating on three elements of the gospel I want to include every time I witness to someone: trusting in Jesus for salvation, accepting yourself as a sinner, and recognizing God as holy.”

A woman praying over a Bible on a wood table
woman praying over her sin
From Reclaim Today, August 2021

How Demi Lovato’s Album
Expresses Our Struggle with Sin

“Never had I imagined the pop star I first saw on Disney Channel’s Sonny with a Chance would write an album some ten odd years later that expresses my struggles with sin…In her album, Demi vocalizes this struggle as she recounts some of her own decisions and their steep consequences.

“Are you skeptical? I was, too, but God speaks to us in many different ways. So even if Demi’s Dancing with the Devil doesn’t make it to your permanent playlist, perhaps it will also give you a new perspective on how God restores through his grace what’s been broken by our mistakes.”

The Glorious Table, October 2021

Are You in Danger of Materialism?

“The danger of materialism is that it draws us away from communion with God and fellowship with other Christians. In addition to hindering our relationship with God, materialism can also distract us from our godly assignment.

“God is neither pleased by what we own or how much we make, but with the total surrender of our hearts to him. And because God is gracious, if we’ve fallen into materialism and self-reliance, we can turn to him for freedom from our possessions.”

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From The Glorious Table, June 2021

Reclaiming Our Mission

“Scripture tells us that inside each of us, we have the greatest treasure: the gospel and the good news of Jesus Christ. Once our hearts have been transformed by Christ, he bestows on us the Holy Spirit to “guard” the gospel entrusted to us…

“But there is someone who doesn’t want us to proclaim the gospel entrusted to us—Satan. He has come to steal, kill, and destroy, and the tricks he uses to distract us from our purpose here on earth are endless…

“Yet there is hope in our Savior.”

From ProFellow, January 2021

Using Language to Spur Cross Cultural-Communication: Fulbright Andorra Experience

“Overall, the Fulbright ETA Program in Andorra taught me a lot about myself—my strengths, my weaknesses, my passions, and my desires. I learned to be confident in my abilities, composed when things went awry, and flexible when changes came my way.

“In addition to the adaptability and confidence I gained, I learned important cross-cultural and communication skills that allow me to be a successful consultant today.”

Andorra hiking Fulbright ETA
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From The Glorious Table, October 2020

Our Compassionate God

“As women formed from dust, we can’t change the headlines. When our own strength fails us, discouragement and frustration may overwhelm us. Holding ourselves together may seem impossible.

“But we can rest in the truth that our Father in heaven has not forgotten our form. He has claimed us as his and pours out his love onto us. He extends grace, compassion, and strength to us when we feel weak and disheartened.”

From YMI Today, July 2020

3 Anchors for When You’re Coping with Change

Though I call change management my profession, I think the ultimate change management consultant is God. He is there for us through every change, guiding us along the way and being our steady constant while everything else is shifting.

In this blog post, I explore how God, the best change management consultant, has taught me about coping with change. Here are 3 anchors to hang onto when you’re coping with change.

A picture of KJL standing in front of an old monument in Europe
Brunette with long hair seen from behind, standing on a window frame looking into the distance on Mediterranean town.
From The Glorious Table, July 2020

Are You Running a Spiritual Marathon?

“Even though I’m not physically training for a 26.2-mile race right now, I feel like I’m in a marathon in this season of life. There’s a lot of ground that I’ve covered and a lot of ground that remains. Drawing out my energy, this race is testing my levels of endurance.

“I’ve had other marathons in my life: trying times at work, busy times with family, searching for a new church community, moving away from friends and family.”

Are you in a marathon, too?

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