Hi friends! I don’t know about you, but I love free stuff! So as a THANK YOU to you, blog visitor, I want to give you some free stuff, too!

I remember those days in college where my roommate and I would go to tons of events just to get free stuff: free food, t-shirts, pens, notebooks, folders, planners, stickers, buttons…whatever they were offering in their booth, if it was free, we wanted it.

Even though I’m a young professional now, I still love free stuff. Can you relate?

Images of the freebies and free printables

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Free Inspiring Phone Wallpapers

I’ve created these beautiful phone wallpapers and screensavers to help encourage and inspire you as you navigate the “adulting struggle” as I like to call it.

Given how many times I look at my phone per day, these wallpapers are great to help me stay positive, stay focused, stay joyful, and keep my focus on the Lord. In my collection, you’ll find phone screensavers with:

  • Bible Verses
  • Godly Inspirational Quotes
  • General Inspirational Quotes
  • Career Woman Quotes — new!
  • Christmas and Holiday Themes
  • Just for Fun
Mockup of all of the free screensavers from Kara J Lovett Co. - 2

These links will take you to the different folders where you can download the screensaver of your choosing.

You will need to download the screensaver to your phone’s gallery or camera roll as a jpg, jpeg, or png. Then in your settings or gallery, set the screensaver as the wallpaper on your phone. It’s that simple!

Now you’ll have a screensaver to encourage you throughout the day.

Free Printables for Adulting

In addition to the free phone screensavers, I also have other Freebies sprinkled throughout my blog posts. These free printables are here to encourage you and help you with your “adulting struggle.”

From the Living Category

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  • End of Year Journal Prompts and Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself — I’ve created an end of year reflection worksheet to help you reflect and set your new year intentions. This printable includes a list of all of the end of year questions to ask yourself that I’ve mentioned in my full post. It also has the list of free writing topics and journal prompts to help you reflect.

As a bonus, I’m including my questions to help you set your new year intentions, too!

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  • Weekly Goals Template & Daily Goals Tracker — This weekly goals template will help you choose and set your goals. It also includes pages for brainstorming your goals and finding a weekly focus for the week. The daily goals tracker helps you get into the tiny details of your weekly goals.

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  • Info Tracker for Researching Apartments — This is the spreadsheet I used to keep track of the information I found about apartments I was considering. It also has a tab where you can list out your “must-haves,” “wants,” and “would likes.” Apartment hunting can be stressful, so stay organized with this tracker. I recommend downloading and using Excel for the best experience.

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  • First Apartment Checklist — Moving into your first apartment is a cause of celebration! As you get ready to move into your new pad, download this first apartment checklist. It will help you get organized and identify what you may need to purchase for your new place.

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  • Summer Bucket List Template — Before you start your summer adventures, download the summer bucket list template. It have some ideas from yours truly and space for you to fill in your own. I hope this summer you have some amazing memories and that these bucket list ideas make it all the merrier!

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  • Fall Bucket List Template — Pumpkins, Holidays, Cool Weather, Flanner. What else could you ask for? Fun fall things to do with friends. How else do you enjoy the best season of the year without some great friends to help you reap the harvest for in autumn season? Look no further for your fun fall bucket list ideas for 2021.

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  • Fall Bucket List Template — If you’re embarking on a social media detox or just want to take a break from social media, you don’t want to do it without these 7 keys to success. Download this free printable with the 7 key reminders and break free from social media.

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From the Working Category

  • Networking Tips for Young Professionals — Download this free printable and PDF with a one page refresher of the best networking tips. This printable has 18 networking tips, including those for people who hate networking (like me).

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From the Growing in Faith Category

  • Prayer for Battling Fear — As you’re working through your own journey of removing fear from the mind and heart, download this prayer. I hope that it helps you let go of fear and draws you closer to God.

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  • 30+ Beautiful and Inspiring Scriptures about God’s Love — There are so many words to describe God’s Love: patient, kind, gentle, compassionate, everlasting, powerful, perfect, unconditional, unfailing–the list goes on and on. For the times when you forget, download this free printable with a list of all of the scripture references mentioned in the full post. I hope these scriptures about God’s love encourage you.

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  • 30 Days of Thanks Challenge — In the times where we feel like circumstances are at their worst, gratitude encourages us and reminds us of the blessings we do have. It’s all about perspectives, and that’s the goal of this 30 days of thanks challenge. To shift your perspective and help you build a gratitude habit in 30 days.

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More Freebies to Come!

That’s all the freebies I have for now! I will keep updating this page as I create more printables for my blog posts and phone screensavers for my collection. If you want to get updates whenever I add something new, sign up for my email list below!

You’ll also get two opt-in freebies when you sign up: How to Make a Gratitude List and the Premium Reflections Printable.

The first printable is a quick how-to for making a gratitude list or starting a gratitude journal. The second is a reflection printable and worksheet to help you reflect, process feelings, set new intentions, create goals, and pray.

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image shows the pages included in the "how to make a gratitude list" template
Mockup of the Premium Reflection Printable

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