Spiritual Growth

Amok: On Standing Firm in the Faith You’re Doubting

woman reading a book in a bookstore

I’m excited to welcome Anna Tan as a guest blogger to discuss her new novel Amok. What does it mean to stand firm in the faith? If faith is belief without evidence, how do I keep myself from doubting? These are all questions we ask alongside the main character as we learn to own our faith and stand firm in who God is.

How to Bloom Where God Plants You with Grace

A woman laying in the grass with her flower heels in the air

When you hear the phrase “bloom where you are planted,” I hope you recognize that God has planted you where you are for a reason. As as your faith grows, you’ll be able to bloom where God plants you and bloom with grace.

Faith: An Anchor in my heart during coronavirus

Anchor in my heart: faith during coronavirus

The message that Dr. Tony Evans taught this past Sunday answered two questions for me about the coronavirus, or COVID-19: “Why is this happening” and “What do we do”? This blog post is how I’ve been convicted to respond. May we all rely on Faith: an anchor in distress during coronavirus, COVID-19.

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