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However you may have wondered onto this website in cyberspace, I’m so glad you’re here. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, or whatever your drink of choice is as I tell you a little about this blog.

What is Kara J Lovett Co.?

Kara J Lovett Co. encourages young women professionals to live out their faith during the transition from college to the adult, working world. During a time full of change, transition, and self-discovery, I write about:

The Struggles of Adulting

Adjusting to the Working World

Growing Closer to God

The blog posts here are geared specifically to young professionals, women that are 20-something, and who are in that “new adult” phase where everything in life is transitioning and this period of self-discovery is ten times more intense than the college days. 

Why Kara J Lovett Co?

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At Kara J Lovett Co. I write specifically about this season of life and to this audience because that is where I am. I am trying to  find my own passion and purpose in life and above all, to discern Gods voice. The problem is, I have trouble being patient. 

My greatest fear is failure  and having life left un-lived. My biggest faith struggle is that I want to know God’s plan for me now, and the cards have not quite been revealed yet. I overthink everything. I’m always afraid the step I’m taking is the wrong step and trying to not live in fear. I’m wanting to root myself and my identity in Christ while the world is constantly trying to distort that identity.

Kara J Lovett Co. is about navigating the adulting struggle.

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The following articles cover lifestyle topics that relate to young adults trying to do that “adulting” thing, like apartment and home life, travel, and other grown up things.



For young professionals, this category discusses work life, professional skills, tough work situations, and other topics related to work, jobs, and building a career.



During this time of transition, living out your faith can be a challenge. Here are some posts about spiritual growth and Christian community for young women and professionals.

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