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Find an Answer in the F.A.Q.

Here are a couple of answers to some frequently asked questions that I get. You may find an answer to your question here.

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1. What is Kara J Lovett Co.?

Kara J Lovett Co. encourages young women professionals to live out their faith during the transition from college to the adult, working world.

The blog posts here are geared specifically to young professionals, women that are 20-something, and who are in that “new adult” phase where everything in life is transitioning and this period of self-discovery is ten times more intense than the college days.

2. What topics do you write about at Kara J Lovett Co.?

In short, I write about life, and I write about it truthfully. I encourage people along the way and love cheering them on. More specifically, I write about the struggles of “adulting”, adjusting to the working world, and continuing to grow closer to God during a time full of change, transition, and self-discovery.

I’ve got three categories lined up at Kara J Lovett Co.: Living, Working, and Growing. The Living topics cover adulting, apartment/home, and some travel. In Working, I focus on  work life, tough work situations, and professional skills. And last but not least, Growing is short for Growing in Faith and includes spiritual growth and Christian community topics.

If there is a resource you’d like to see me add to the site, let me know in the form or drop me a comment on a post.

3. Why did you decide to create a blog?

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Jesus Christ. God has put in my heart a passion for writing. I’ve spent years crafting made-up tales and stories, but God has called me to take a leap of faith and use my writing to tell the story of Jesus Christ and God’s transformative power in my life. I’m blogging for Him. While every post you see may not be faith-based, it is still something that God can use to reach people for His kingdom.

4. Did you study writing in college?

No. Actually, I majored in International Business and Economics. Maybe one day, I’ll start a blog on those topics…

5. What theme does your site use?

Now, I use Astra Pro as my website theme with WordPress. Previously, my site used the Beloved theme by Restored 316.

6. Where do your images come from?

I use a combination of my own images from my travels, free images from Unsplash (mentioned in the caption of the image), the free Canva images and layouts, and paid photos from my DepositPhotos. Most of the scripture images were created using the YouVersion App.

7. What resources would you recommend for other bloggers?

I highly recommend all of the courses from Kingdom Bloggers, a Christian blog that exists to get more Jesus on page one. Kingdom Bloggers offers several courses for Christian bloggers. No matter where you are on your blogging journey, I can not recommend them enough. Some of the courses I’ve taken and recommend are:

  • Defining Your Ministry Audience: This mini course is FREE and helps you nail down your blog’s target audience.
  • SEO for Christian Bloggers:  This is a comprehensive course for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and for the amount of content you learn, it’s extremely affordable.
  • Christian Bloggers Boot Camp:  This course gives you a solid foundation and framework for standing up your blog. You’ll leave the course with tons of blogging resources, monetization tips, an understanding of SEO, a step-by-step guide to setting up your blog for success, a clear path forward for your blog or ministry, and much more. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!

There’s a common misconception that anyone can start a blog, monetize it, and become the next big influencer without any training or resources. And it’s a misconception that I believed at first. Six months into blogging, I quickly figured out that blogging is just like any other discipline, skill, or job. You need training, direction, and practice to get it right. Without those 3 things, you’ll end up spinning your wheels but making no headway and becoming super frustrated like me. It’s worth investing in some of these courses at Kingdom Bloggers’ Teachable Academy . And if you’re not ready yet, then start with some of the free courses, like Defining Your Ministry Audience.

Now what?

Have I still not responded yet? My Friends episode is probably not over yet. Why don’t you check out a couple of the most popular posts until I get back to you?

Talk soon!

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