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You are Not Your Job: Detangling Work and Identity

You are Not Your Job: Detangling Work and Identity

In the adulting struggle, detangling work and identity is its own battle. This article provides helpful tips to help you know if work has become your identity and how to break free from it. Because the bottom line is you are not your job, and your job is not your life.

Woman unpacking boxes in new home
Apartment / Home

Should I be Moving Out of my Parents’ House?

Moving out takes preparation, prayer, patience, and a courteous attitude. Ironically, living with my parents required the same. I plan to help you answer the question of when and how when it comes to moving out of your parents’ house. 

Wrapping a gift to give to a friend.

20 Not-Cliché Gifts for Women in their 20 somethings

The 20s is a time of transition for young adult women, whether in college or starting a first job or making a new career move. Take this into consideration when brainstorming ideas for cool gifts for 20-year-olds.

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