What to Do When My Parents Treat Me Like a Child

It’s frustrating when your parents treat you like a child, even when you know they’re trying to help. Here’s tips on how to stop your parents from controlling your life and how to get your parents to stop babying you.

Truths about Adulting Life & “Because Adulting is Hard” Swag

Because Adulting is Hard Gifts, stickers, coffee, Jesus

Here are some “adulting life” truths to digest with your morning coffee and some “because adulting is hard” gifts, like shirts, coffee mugs, signs, and stickers. Adulting is so hard because we’re trying to stay true to ourselves while dealing with all of the life transitions that are happening simultaneously.

The Getting it Together Guide

young professional woman / young adult looking at her tablet in an office building

You don’t have to navigate the adulting struggle on your own. Here at Kara J Lovett Co., we want to support you during this challenging time of figuring things out and getting it together.

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