14 Best Christian Blogs to Inspire Young Women

If you’re searching for inspiration and encouragement from a godly perspective, look no further. This list of 14 best inspirational Christian blogs is here to lift your spirit, comfort your soul, and strengthen your relationship with the Lord.

Whether you’re looking for quick snippets, daily devotionals, or long-form essays on spiritual topics. There’s something on this list for each of us.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means I’ll receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information.

14 Best Christian Blogs for Young Ladies

As a single, young professional, it is challenging to find content curated to where I am in life. There’s a lot of great Christian and faith based blogs with content for parenting, marriage, or leading a ministry. But that’s not where I am right now. 

I’m working as a young professional in corporate, I’m chasing my dreams on the blogosphere, and I’m (still) not quite sure what I want to do yet.

I want to find blogs that inspire me in this season of life and prepare me for the next one (whatever that will be). For this young professional, those inspirational Christian blogs I need are the ones listed below.

Godly Woman Blogs to Be Inspired By

To begin the list, I’ve included some blogs about God and life that were written for women.

1 – The Glorious Table

We gather around to tables to be fed. But we also gather to share, laugh, and cry together. To receive encouragement and be uplifted by each other. The Glorious Table embodies this theme and has created a place for all women to gather and be filled by Jesus and each other’s stories of what God has done in their lives. 

Every weekday, a new post comes live with a devotional or article about faith-based blog topics. They also have 2 free devotional ebooks for you to download.

Some of my publications on the Glorious Table include:

2 – Coffee & Bible Time

Created by sisters Ashley, Taylor, and their Mother (Mentor Mama), Coffee & Bible Time is a space for women to learn Biblical truth, strengthen their relationships with Christ, and live a life on fire for him. While their website has a blog, they also have tons of content available through their podcast and YouTube Channel. 

3 – Proverbs 31 Ministries

This ministry’s mission is to help women grow their relationship with Christ. It comes highly recommended from my mom, who has done almost all their studies. She loves that they have an app with free daily devotionals, which she uses during her quiet time. 

Even though this list of inspirational Christian blogs is specifically for young women, the resources here are applicable to all women and wherever they are in their spiritual journey to knowing Jesus.

4 – She Reads Truth

It’s time to dive into the word of God! She Reads Truth is an online community for Bible Study for women worldwide. With reading plans, bible studies for purchase, an app, and online conversations, this website is perfect place to go when you’re thirsty for the word of God.

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Female Christian Bloggers to Follow

Next up is female Christian bloggers making an impact for Christ.

5 – Heather Lindsey

This name came to me from my previous college roommate. We had a lot of late night talks where she would bring up something she read on Heather’s Lindsey’s blog. With that, I had to check it out! 

Heather is an author, speaker, and founder of an organization that works to teach women to honor God with their lives and body, no matter their stage of life. On her blog, you’ll find that she writes about a variety of topics in a candid and down-to-earth way.

As inspirational Christian blogs go, she’s definitely a female Christian Blogger to watch out for. 

(Link goes to her Instagram page, from which you can find her website.)

6 – Phylicia Masonheimer

Her tagline is “Every Woman a Theologian,” which I believe says a ton about her blog. I recently read her book, Stop Calling Me Beautiful, and it was different from any Christian book I’ve read. She was tough on me, but only because our faith is serious. We have to take it seriously if we want to withstand the trials of life. 

What I found even more powerful were the personal stories she shared and her vulnerability, which allowed me to relate to her story and see the beautiful way God works in our lives and restores us. If her blog and podcasts are anything like this book, then this is an inspirational Christian blog you must read! 

7 – Tara Sun Ministries

Through the tough times Tara has faced, she’s been able to find God’s goodness and joy. God has shown up for her in incredible ways, so now she has this ministry to share how following God and trusting Him has transformed her life and how it can transform yours.

8 – Ally Worthington

While Ally doesn’t create blog-posts per se, she creates a lot of rich media content like podcasts and books (aka, long blog posts). Her books cover topics like adversity, anxiety, busyness, and standing strong in faith to overcome all that life demands. Her podcast combines faith and business as she’s also an author and business coach.  

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Christian Lifestyle Blogs

This next category of inspirational Christian blogs is more general. It includes Christian lifestyle blogs, a broad category that covers all things about living for Christ in all areas of our lives. 

Career, family, friends, church, home—you name it, a Christian lifestyle blog probably has it covered. 

9 – She is Light

Relatable. In one word, that’s how I would describe this inspirational Christian blog by Elise, founder of She is Light. In her blog feed, you’ll find tons of relatable articles for young women that deal with adulting, working, and living a life against the cultural norm. Check it out, and you will be encouraged, inspired, and ready to shine for Christ.

10 – Kingdom Bloggers

Kingdom Bloggers is how I learned the blogging craft, especially when it comes to building an inspirational Christian blog of my own. But KB also has amazing posts written by other talented Christian bloggers. The site has weekly devotionals, topical Bible verse posts, resources on studying the Bible, and tons of freebies! 

If your considering, creating a Christian blog yourself, check out:

11 – Arabah Joy

Arabah Joy focuses on helping you achieve intimacy in your relationship with God. Oftentimes, we want to have a relationship with God, but we’re unsure where to start. This inspirational Christian blog is here to help with resources and posts dedicated to strengthening your relationship with God daily.

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General Faith Blogs to Bookmark

The best Christian blogs for young women I’ve covered so far include websites owned and founded by female Christian bloggers. They’re written by women who have had a calling by God to share their story and inspire others.

On top of the list of 12 that I already have, here are a couple good Christian websites to book as well. These general faith blogs are sponsored by larger ministries and have a variety of writers. Overall, they provide Biblical truth and encouragement to help you in your daily walk with Christ.

What are some good Christian websites? 

12 – Boundless.Org

If you’re familiar with Focus on the Family, then you’ve got to check out Boundless.Org, too. It’s a branch of Focus on the Family that is dedicated to Christian young adults. They focus on the early season of adulthood and navigating it with biblical truth and godly wisdom. After all, the choices we make now can give us a strong faith foundation to lean on for years to come.

13 – Reclaim Today

I’m super excited about this (new) Christian website! It is geared toward 20s and 30s in the US who are looking for God in everyday moments. 

While it’s easy to get caught up in the church lingo and Christian tradition, what about our daily lives? How can we connect with God in the ordinary moments of life? That’s what Reclaim Today works to answer.

Their counterpart website in Asia, YMI Today, also answers questions of faith, but in a different way. Check out my article: 3 Anchors for Coping with Change.

Or maybe you’re thinking of creating an inspirational Christian blog of your own?

A laptop on a desk with with a greenery background

For Aspiring Faith Based Bloggers

When I started my blog, I searched for blogs that catered to the people I wanted to reach with my writing. So I’ll take a hunch and say that some of you looking at this post are doing the same. If so, here’s a word of advice for those considering an inspirational Christian blog of their own.

Christian Blogging Tips

At the beginning of my blogging journey, here’s what I wish I knew before hand:

  • You need a plan to blog. The first few months I tried winging it, and I ended up not getting any traction. Just with any new task, you must learn and prepare the groundwork before you begin.
  • Define your audience before you start writing. Before you start creating content, you need to know who you’re writing to. While it may seem easier to write for “everyone,” you’ll end up writing content that’s less impactful because of how general it is. Get started with this Free Mini Course: Defining Your Ministry Audience.
  • Use SEO to score organic traffic to your blog. SEO may seem like a scary, technical word, but it’s key to building a sustainable blog. Check out this course from the KB Academy for SEO.
  • Start small or you’ll risk overwhelming yourself. You don’t have to do everything at once. No one said 6 social media profiles and an email list is necessary for a blog. All that’s necessary is content on your blog. Master that before taking on more.
  • Be patient. Blogs take time to grow, and it takes time for you, the writer, to learn how to write the best content to serve your audience.

As Christian blogging tips go, I will defer to the expert in my opinion – Kingdom Bloggers, which I mentioned above. Having taken many of her classes (this is my favorite KB class), I can’t recommend KB enough.

What should a Christian post on a blog?

Some Christian blogs stick to mainly faith-based blog topics while others branch out and cover anything from a godly perspective. There is no right or wrong answer. As long as you have defined your ministry avatar and are writing content to serve them, then the topic of your post has relevance. 

If you’re stumped on what to write and looking for some faith topics, I suggest looking at other inspirational Christian blogs or websites with the same target audience. You can also use tools such as Keywords Everywhere to see what people are looking for on search engines.

Another helpful exercise is to brainstorm a list of problems that your target audience has. From that list, think about what faith-based blog topics and posts might address their need. Remember that making sure you’re serving your target audience is what will help your future inspirational Christian blog thrive.

Are Christian blogs successful?

By implementing these Christian blogging tips and working hard, Christian blogs can be successful. In fact, I’d say the 14 inspirational Christian blogs in this post are certainly successful. They are able to reach hundreds of thousands of people every month for Christ through the world wide web. I’d say that calls for rejoicing!

How much do Christian bloggers make?

It depends on the Christian blog and their monetization strategy. Many blogs make money through their affiliate links, classes, courses, premium resources and printables, ads, mentoring, products, and/or coaching. There are a variety of ways to monetize your blog.

Some people believe that Christian blogs should not be monetized since they are doing the work of the kingdom. I respectfully disagree. The time and money you spend to invest in your blog may earn you some money. So what? Should we not pay pastors who do the work of the Lord, too? 

As long as our hearts remain turned toward God, he can use our blog to provide for us. 

Starting Faith Blogs for the Right Reasons

On the other hand, I encourage you to assess your heart and ask God to reveal to you why you want to start your Christian blog. Again, there is nothing wrong with making money. But what’s far more important is that we’re following God’s will and serving others. 

If you view your blog as a way to serve others, you’ll not only be more successful and have more earning potential, but you’ll reach more people with the love of Christ. 

Inspirational Christian Blogs – Be Encouraged & Uplifted

All of these great Christian websites, godly woman blogs, Christian lifestyle blogs, and Christian bloggers to follow offer different viewpoints, content, and perspectives. I hope in this list, as a young woman navigating the adulting struggle, you find the encouragement and direction you need for your personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

As Jesus says, the first shall be last and the last may be first (Matt 20:16). So in the spirit of Christ’s humility, the last faith blog I’ll add to the list is my own. 

14 – Kara J Lovett Co – Blogs about God and Life Adulting

The mission of Kara J Lovett Co. is to encourage women in their faith during the transition from college to the adult working world. Spiritual topics are mixed in with content about working, career, practical adulting tips, and other advice about being a (sort of ) grown up.

Adulting is hard, and sometimes, it takes every bit of strength not to crawl back into bed and call in sick. With more responsibility comes more stress, more decisions, and more unknowns.

In the chaos of adulting, Jesus is our guide. He’s walking alongside us every step of the way. 

That wraps up the list of 14 best inspirational Christian blogs for young women. But no matter where the internet takes you after you leave this article, I hope you are drawn back to Jesus Christ, where all your needs will forever be met. I don’t know what each person needs to hear when they visit, but I know God can use any blog to do great things.

What are some good Christian websites you visit often?

Leave me a comment below!

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