9 Best Adulting Blogs to Support You in the Adulting Struggle

Romantic comedies are one of my favorite types of movies, but I’ve started to realize how unrealistic their main characters are. They spend all this time falling in love, and of course, have spare time to exercise, cook ultra healthy meals, work 50 hours a week for their big promotion, have budding social lives, travel…the list goes on and on. 

Safe to say, this is not a realistic picture of the adulting life. If we start comparing ourselves to these “super” adults, we’ll never measure up. What’s an adult to do? Check out these 9 best adulting blogs that sympathize with the adulting struggle. Instead of painting a glamorous picture, they offer practical advice, adulting tips, encouragement, and curated content to make adulting a little less scary.

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What’s an adulting blog?

The purpose of an adulting blog is to help and support people as they transition from students to adults. Transitioning from a student to a career woman can feel like a steep climb.

Suddenly, you have a lot more freedom, but also a lot more responsibility.

Managing finances, planning for retirement, buying a house, deciding whether or not to go back to school, striving for a promotion at work—my head is spinning just thinking of the adulting decisions we are swarmed with. 

How can an adulting blog help me?

Unlike the unrealistic romantic comedy movies I mentioned at the start, an adulting blog gives you a realistic picture of adulting life. They encourage you with the truth that all adults are different. There’s no right or wrong way to adult, and what’s most important is making wise choices and doing what’s best for you. 

Additionally, blogs about adulting give you advice and practical tips to aid in you in big life decisions. Instead of shying away from the hard parts of being an adult, they tell you like it is.

Sometimes the most encouraging thing you can hear is that you are not alone. Being an adult is hard. 

What do adults do?

Adulting is trending, and whether you’re in your 20s or 30s, married or single, a working professional, student, or stay-at-home mom, we’re all facing the same struggle. Adults have so many roles and responsibilities that fill our time, such as: 

You can find content for all of these topics on the adulting blogs below. Keep in mind that while the main focus of any adulting blog is the art of adulting, each blog has its own angle and perspective. That’s what makes each of these blogs so unique.

9 Best Adulting Blogs to Bookmark

Now that you know how an adulting blog can help you, it’s time to see what these 9 Best Adulting Blogs can offer you. They offer support for different situations and stages of the adulting life. Whether it’s advice, encouragement, solidarity, or information you’re looking for, hopefully you’ll find it on this list. 

The Big Adulting Blogs

1 – GenTwenty

I originally had this blog on my list for Finance Resources for twenty somethings, but it offers a ton more than money advice. Additional categories on their site include Self-Development, Goals, and Careerces. If you’re not in your 20s, then they have a GenThirty section for you to explore as well!  One thing I really like about this blog is how they involve culture in their posts, reviewing books, movies, TV shows, and relating them to real-life and practical adulting. 

2 – Real Simple

As the name suggests, this adulting blog is about simplifying life. Being an adult can be complicated, and the writers at Real Simple want to make it easy for you. They have a section dedicated to Adulting with relevant posts about career, home life, finances, social lives, and staying organized. 

3 – Grown and Flown

This blog was created to support parents with teenagers, college students, and young adults. Thus, most articles arer written from a parent to other parents. However, the information in the articles are relevant to young adults, too. Additionally, there are posts written specifically to young adults. They include tips and advice for adulting from the generation that’s gone before us and from young adults like us.

Millennial Blogs

The “Adulting is Hard” motto is trending particularly with Millennials, but who are these millennials? In my experience, generations have less to do with birth year and more to do with mindset and life experience. Out of all the millennial definitions out there, this is my favorite:

Millennials are those who can remember when technology was not a part of life but are still able to easily integrate technology into their lives. 

But whether you relate to Millennials, Gen Y, or some other Gen letter, these millennial blogs have great advice about adulting for any generation.

4 – The Confused Millennial

Rachel is the founder and mastermind behind The Confused Millennial. She offers career advice, finance hacks, home decor tips, book and movie reviews, and more. While there is a plethora of adulting content available, one of the most popular posts is the adulting checklist

Note: As Rachel is a mom of a toddler, most of her recent content is about parenting. If you’re not there yet, you can sidestep those posts for more about adulting solo.

5 – Miss Millennia Magazine

The posts on this adulting blog are written like a big sister giving you advice about life, adulting, blogging, and personal growth. It covers an extensive amount of content—from product and service reviews, to travel tips, career advice, financial hacks, relationships, and self-care. Additionally, Miss Millenia offers coaching for bloggers and other tips for making money on your own time.

Other Blogs about Adulting Topics

6 – Classy Career Girl

Have a question about working or career growth? Need to get out of a working rut, but don’t know where to start? Bring all of your career-related questions to Classy Career Girl, which has blog posts and podcast episodes about being successful, motivated, and productive in the business world.

7 – Boundless.Org

This blog was originally on my list for Blogs to Follow for Encouragement and Godly Advice. I’m adding it to this list of adulting blogs, too, because the audience for this blog is young adults and new adults like you and me. 

A branch of Focus on the Family, Boundless takes topics that are relevant to people in the 20s and 30s and discusses them from a biblical perspective.

No matter what we’re facing in our #adulting life, God wants to be a part of it.

8 – Reclaim Today

Reclaim Today is a growing blog with a Christian focus on all topics related to young adults in their 20s and 30s. I love that their content is divided into short posts (like prayers) and longer posts (like devotions) so you can find something to read in whatever amount of time you have. The blog’s purpose is to help young adults take everyday moments (including those in the #adultinglife) and connect them back to our relationships with God.

9 – Kara J Lovett Co.

Last on the list of best adulting blogs is Kara J Lovett Co. (the blog you are currently on). The website motto is navigating the adulting struggle with flair and faith. 

I focus on three aspects of the adulting struggle – Living, Working, and Growing in Faith. 

Kara J Lovett Co. encourages women as they transition from college to the working world. By offering practical tips and advice, my goal is to support young women during this time of change and discovery. Above all, I want to point people back to Jesus because in my adulting struggle, He is always the constant in life.

Other Blogs about Adulting Stuff

In addition to the adulting blogs mentioned above, you may want to bookmark these additional sites about adulting related topics. There’s a full post about Rewarding Financial Tips to Learn in Your 20s, including the best Finance Resources, Christian and secular, to consult

Also, I’ve written a list of my favorite Christian blogs to inspire twenty-somethings and new adults. As a single woman working in corporate, sometimes it’s hard to find blogs that are relatable to the situations I face daily. If you’re in the same boat, then this list of encouraging Christian blogs is a great place to start.

Woman sitting at her computer and reading an adulting blog

The Fun Adulting Stuff

To wrap up, I want to leave you with some resources for adulting, including the fun stuff. The misconception that adults are working 24/7 or worried 24/7 does not have to be your reality.

With a bit of preparation and some encouragement, adulting can be fun, too.

How do I prepare myself for adulthood?

The transition into adulthood doesn’t happen overnight, at least not successfully. Instead of launching yourself straight into adulthood, take things one step at a time. 


  1. Start Taking on More Responsibilities throughout College
  2. Save Money Early (Adulting is Expensive)
  3. Find people to Support You 


4. Find a Job – Support Yourself
5. Find a Place to Live – Shelter Yourself
6. Take Care of Yourself – Nourish Yourself

Since I dive deeper into these 6 steps in my article How to Handle Adulting with Flair and Faith, I’ll just touch on the third point now. 

Navigating the Adulting Struggle Together

Adulting does not mean going at it alone. 

Not only are there tons of resources (like those above) to help you along the way, but there are people who want to help you. Whether it’s a mentor at work, a trusted colleague, an older sibling, your parents, or extended family, don’t be afraid to ask someone for help.

The learning curve on adulting is steep, but you don’t have to climb it alone.

Kara J Lovett Co.

What are fun activities for adults?

Lastly, make sure to take time for yourself as an adult. Even as adults, we can get burnt out if we overextend ourselves. Practicing self-care regularly will help you recharge and give you the ability to invest more in the things you enjoy.

Speaking of enjoyment, try a fun bucket list to spice up the mundane of adulting life. Here are 42 fun fall activities to do with friends and the Summer Activities Bucket List for Adults. Some of the highlights include:

  • Seeing your local city as a tourist
  • Having a bonfire with friends
  • Hosting a fancy cocktail party
  • Having a Movie Marathon with friend (costumes required, of course) 
  • Trying a New Craft
  • Hiking, Walking, Playing a Sport
  • Recipe Swaps

See, adulting can be fun, too! All it takes is the right attitude and a few of the best adulting blogs to inspire you. Adulting won’t always be peaches and rainbows, but God is there to guide you every step of the way. Happy adulting!

What other topics do you want to see from an adulting blog?

Leave me a comment below!

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