33 Delightful Self Care Gift Ideas for Her

Finding a timeless gift that someone will appreciate and use is the essence of the gift giving struggle. You want to show appreciation, love, and care toward someone, but what says that better, a Christmas decorated lawn ornament, three cans of car oil, or a mini waffle maker and a coffee maker?

Your guess is as good as mine. Though I’ve always loved gift giving, sometimes I still stress over picking out something I know my friend or family member will love. Since this year, I’ve been struggling with taking care of myself and prioritizing self-care, I decided this year, for the ladies in my life, I want to give them delightful gifts that encourage them to have me-time and rest. You can do the same with these 33 affordable self care gift ideas for her.

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Gifts for Self Care

Self-care is a buzz word our culture has fallen in love with. To me, it’s the response to the overwhelming social media interaction we have and particularly for women, the images we are inundated with, which tellsus how we should look, how we should behave, and what we should wear. 

Taking in all of that media and input can be draining. To combat that, self-care popped up and started quickly gaining popularity. But though it may surprise some, self-care isn’t new.

Taking care of ourselves, body, mind, and spirit, has been a priority since the start of mankind. When God rested in the garden after he created mankind (Genesis 1-2) and then passed that day of rest onto us in his commandments (Exodus 20), he told us that rest is what our bodies and minds need. Several times throughout Scripture, he also calls us to rest in him in Spirit (Psalms 23). 

Bottom line: self-care should be a priority, which is why all these self care gift ideas for her are as close to timeless gifts as you can get. 

What are examples of self care?

There is no one way to practice self-care. In fact, that’s what makes self-care so effective. It’s like building a personal care package for yourself with all of the items and activities that allow you to rest and rejuvenate. 

That being said, here are some common examples of self-care:

What are some self-care activities?

I encourage you to expand your horizons when it comes to self-care, which will be helpful when we consider things to buy for self-care. Anything we do to take care of and honor our bodies, mind, and spirit are self-care.

Atypical examples of self-care and other self care activities:

  • Laundry
  • Doing the Dishes
  • Cooking a Meal for Yourself
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Stretching Your Mind (Learn a New Skill)
  • Reading the Bible
  • Spending Time in Prayer
  • Memorizing Scripture
  • Spend Time doing your Favorite Hobby
    • Writing
    • Reading
    • Crocheting / Sewing
    • Playing a Musical Instrument
    • Dancing, etc.
  • Take a Bath
  • Get a Massage
  • Reading a Book
  • Spend Time with Friends / Family

What do you put in a self care present?

Now that we’ve established what self care is and the importance of taking time for yourself, let’s consider what might make meaningful self care gifts for women. Since self-care is subjective to whoever is in need of the self-care, it’s important to ask the right questions.

  • What could I buy to help this woman relax?
  • What gift would this lady appreciate when she is stressed?
  • What are some gifts to help someone relax?

Ask the lady receiving the gift what she does when she is stressed, what her favorite self-care activities are, and what she does to help her relax. Considering gifts for self care from all those angles will help you find something perfect for her. 

33 Unique Self Care Gift Ideas for Her

Whether gift giving is your forte or you’re banging your head against the wall hoping to get an idea, this list of self care gifts for friends, de stress gifts for her, and relaxation gifts for her is here to help.

The most important thing is to be thoughtful in your gift. Even if you guess wrong, she will appreciate the thought and the gesture of the gift. Start there, and you’ll be successful no matter what.  

Self Care Gift Ideas for Women

1. Reflection Journal or Bullet Journal

Having time and space to reflect and process feelings and emotions is an important time of self care and taking time for yourself. Promptly Journals, ErinCondren, and Dayspring have some great reflection and bullet journals to consider.

  • Self Care Journals from Promptly Journals: Promptly Journals has specific journals dedicated to self-care that focus on self-love, gratitude, and reflection. If there is a specific topic you want to journal about, such as travel or grief, they have many different options to choose from.
Believing Bigger Best Devotional Journals
Photo from Dayspring

Dayspring has a collection of journals and devotional journals with scriptures, prompts, and plenty of space for reflection. One of my favorites is the Marshawn Evans Daniels – 100 Days of Believing Bigger – Devotional Journal. 

The book has a combination of Scripture, Reflection, Journal Prompts, and Prayers to encourage you in your spiritual life and develop a faith that helps you believe bigger.

Related: 35 Thoughtful Reflection Questions to Ask Yourself 

2. Wall Art with Meaningful Quotes

We can never have enough reminders to be gracious to ourselves and give ourselves grace. If you’re crafty, consider making this self care gift for a friend as a piece of art they can hang up that will encourage them throughout the day. But if you’re not crafty like me, Dayspring has some wall art like Studio 71 – Unfolding Grace – Banner Wall Art, which I know you’ll love.

3. Peaceful Encouragement for the Anxious Heart – Creative Journal

For those who are anxious and stressed, it’s hard to find a gift that feels appropriate. Besides praying and listening to the women in your life who are anxious, what else can you do? Consider gifting them this self-care-focused reflection book and creative journal with scripture meditation and space to pour our your anxious thoughts to God.

4. Inspiration Cards: Candace Cameron Bure – Love is Kind – Promise Box with 90 Inspiration Cards

Daily encouragement is not far away with these 90 scriptures, promises, and prayers with beautiful designs in a simple box. Keep it in front of your mirror in the morning or on your desk at work. 

5. Candace Cameron Bure – [Whole]istic You – 2022 Weekly Monthly Wellness Planner

When I stumbled upon this self care gift idea, I was so excited because I’ve never seen anything like it. As someone who loves to plan, I’ve always had planners to help with productivity, staying organized, and generally keeping track of things–even after I graduated college. But this planner is so much more than that!

It helps you prioritize your relationship with God alongside your other priorities. I really love that each day has a scripture verse for you to read and the tips give you weekly focus ideas like stressing less, going to bed early, or praying for your family and friends. It’s nice to have the reminder to check in with yourself, reflect, and pray your worries to your heavenly father.

This premium planner will remind you that being well and whole means caring for body, mind, and soul.

And at $16.99, it’s a steal!

Self Care Gift Ideas for Friends

6. Comfy Blanket or Body Pillow

Perfect for taking a nap, laying on the couch, or resting on the floor. Here are some highly rated blankets options (Kaffrey – Chenille Chunky Knit Blanket) and ErinCondren (Flower Sherpa Throw Blanket) that are great self-care gift ideas. 

7. Verse Of The Week (26) – He Restores – Clip Frame & Prints

Like the wall art above, this self care gift is an encouraging reminder of God’s promises and who he is. Another craft for those of you who want to DIY this self care gift idea. You can find Christian prints on Dayspring at the link above or check out Etsy or Target for other options. 

8. “Make Room for Rest” Ceramic Mug

There’s nothing more relaxing than curling your fingers around a warm mug to enjoy your coffee and/or tea in peace and quiet (or the chaos of morning meetings). I love these wide, artisan ceramic mugs from Dayspring. They are super sturdy, and this one in particular has a hidden Scripture message on the inside, the perfect reminder to rest in God no matter what you’re facing. 

9. Encouragement Deck from Bloom Daily Planners

I love that these cards are customizable. The box includes thirty encouraging sayings on small cards, and on the back, you can write a quick note, memory, or scripture.

Self Care Gift Basket

If you’re having a hard time deciding on just one gift, why not make a self care gift basket? A self care gift basket is full of things used for self care activities. It’s easy to customize and make your own, and it gives the woman in your life lots of options for her me-time. 

  • Things to Buy for Self Care:
    • 10. Lotions and Essential Oils
    • 11. Devotional Book
    • 12. Face Mask
    • 13. Bath Salts
    • 14. Nail Polish
    • 15. Eye Mask
    • 16. Make Up Pouch

Cheap Self Care Gifts

If you’re looking for self care gift ideas for her on a budget, look no further than these affordable self care gifts.

17. Bubble Bath – Perfect for a night in and a relaxing bath. 

18. Candles – with a relaxing aroma to calm your worries.

I always have a candle around to give me a fragrant aroma while I’m studying or relaxing. Imagine lighting a candle and then relaxing with a good book. Or taking a bath. Or folding laundry — literally anything! Here’s a Jasmine scented candle with a reminder to “be still.”

19. Candace Cameron Bure – Prayers to Share: 100 Pass-Along Notes to Share the Love

This set of 100 notes is under $10 and is meant to comfort and inspire others with God’s love. You can pick a specific note to encourage and then let the receiver of the gift give other notes to more people. Spread the love!

20. Seasons Sticker Book

I love having stickers around for use in my planner or decorating my journals. This sticker pack is a seasonal option, and I have more adulting stickers on my list, too.

21. Cards

Sometimes we overthink gift-giving. If the goal is to show someone you love them and care about them, then consider buying a card for them, either by itself or along with your other self care gift. They may be cheap self care gifts but they are equally meaningful.

Self Care Birthday Gifts

22. Comfy Sweats / Lounge Clothes

Whatever she does with her me-time, she’ll need something to wear! That makes lounge clothes a delightful self care gift idea. Check out this Fully Known & Wholly Loved Sweatshirt.

23. Journaling Bible – ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition, Hardcover with Slipcase

Write and draw alongside scripture for quiet reflection and meditation. I personally love reading in the ESV.

24. Stainless Steel Water Bottle: Katygirl – You Are Set Free – Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Take your drink on the go or fill it with water. Drinking water to nourish yourself is part of self care! 

25.   God’s Heart For You – Dainty Bar Necklace – Silver

A small necklace or bracelet is a beautiful reminder for your woman friend that she is valued and loved. Self care and self love go hand in hand for this beautiful self care gift idea for friends.

More Things to Buy for Self Care Activities

Another angle to consider for self care gift ideas for her is to purchase things that she could use for new self-care activities or those that she already enjoys. 

26. Books to Read

Have a favorite book to recommend? Give it to your friend as a self care gift. Find my top fiction recommendations for women in their 20s

27. Yoga Mat / Exercise Mat

For stretching, sitting on the floor, meditating, and whatever else will help her relax.

28. Make a Meal to Share

Buy groceries and cook together! Or cook something and give it to her as a gift. Every adulting woman appreciates having a night off from cooking.

Self Care Gift Cards

Lastly, you can buy a gift card so that she can pick out something she loves or get a massage or go to the spa! Consider some of these self care gift card suggestions.

  • Self Care Gift Card Ideas:
    • 29. Massage Certificate
    • 30. Spa Gift Card
    • 31. Bookstore Gift Card
    • 32. Gift Card to her favorite restaurant – for those nights when you don’t want to cook!
    • 33. Gym Membership – Exercise to release stress and frustration after a long day.

Delightful Self Care Gift Ideas

Gift giving and I have a love-hate relationship. It’s stressful up until I find the right gift, and then I’m excited until I get to give it to the receiver. This season, I’m shopping early and with this list, hoping to help the women in my life practice self-care. I’m wishing the same for you and hope in this list that you’ve found the right self-care gift for the woman in your life. If not, you can find more self care gift ideas without even doing another internet search. How? 

Just watch, listen, observe. The best person to give you self care gift ideas for her is her. So may your gift giving search not be stressful, and may both of you be able to relax this gift giving season. Happy shopping!

What do you buy to help you relax?

Leave me a comment below!

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