Reflection and Journal Prompts Printable

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Start Your Reflection Journey Today

Take time to reflect this season before your next journey begins with these reflection questions, journal prompts, and new year intention activities.  

Download the End of Year Reflections Printable

Reflection is such an important part of life — processing emotions, working through challenges, looking forward to the future. All of these activities help us reflect and move forward with better goals, new intentions, and a different perspective than we had one we started.

As you go on your reflection journey, this free 10-page printable from Kara J Lovett Co. is here to guide you along the way. The printable includes:

  • 20 Thought-Provoking Journal Prompts
  • 26 Inspiring End of Year Reflection Questions
  • 9 Questions to help you Brainstorm New Year Intentions
  • Beautiful & Structured Pages for Responding to Journal Prompts and Questions
  • Blank Pages for Open Ended Reflection

Grab it now with no sign up required and start reflecting!

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Wait! While You’re Here…

Pick Up the Premium Version, too!

With the printable above, you can certainly get started on reflecting on the past year or season of your life. But what if you need something more robust? Something with a framework to set goals, choose a new year intention, pull God into your reflection time, meditate on reflection verses, and more!

The Premium Reflection Printable

The premium reflection printable includes everything in the first version plus 13 more pages that are packed with content I know you’ll love. Here are the highlights:

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  • A Beginning Reflection Prayer to Set Your Eyes on God
  • 7 Reflection Verses to Meditate On
  • 2 worksheets for choosing a “Focus Word” with 35 examples
  • A Goal Chart to create flexible and attainable goals instead of rigid resolutions
  • An Ending Reflection Prayer to Thank God for what He’s done
  • 5 Layouts and Designs for Open Ended Reflections
  • 5 New Year Related Phone Screensavers
  • Plus all the journal prompts, reflection questions, new year intention prompts, and blank pages for reflection on the first version.

This is the printable you need to begin the new year with a strong year-end review, a heart turned toward God, and a focused mindset for the year to come.

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