70 Fun Summer Bucket List Ideas for Adults

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Now as a young professional with no summer vacation, I’ve had to get creative on how I enjoy my summer. Here are 70 fun summer bucket list ideas for adults to help you do the same. Make these items fun summer goals to do with friends and family, and 2021 will be a summer to remember!

21 Powerful Pieces of Advice to Transform Your 20s

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The 20s, filled with adventure, discovery, personal growth, and excitement. Wherever you are in your 20s, this article is for you: 21 powerful pieces of advice for your 20s from a twenty-something–to encourage you to keep going strong.

Truths about Adulting Life & “Because Adulting is Hard” Swag

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Here are some “adulting life” truths to digest with your morning coffee and some “because adulting is hard” gifts, like shirts, coffee mugs, signs, and stickers. Adulting is so hard because we’re trying to stay true to ourselves while dealing with all of the life transitions that are happening simultaneously.

Being a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant

As a Fulbright alumna, I can say without a doubt that the Fulbright program changed my life. The journey to apply and receive a Fulbright and the journey of actually moving abroad to teach English as a Fulbright grantee were some of the most challenging times of my life. But I can also say without a doubt that I learned so much. I wouldn’t change being a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant for anything.

A Guide to the Fulbright Application and Fulbright Fellowship Process

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It’s March!! (Wow 2020 is already going by so so fast!) So for March Madness, I’m bringing in some Fulbright Madness, which I believe accurately represents the entirety that is Fulbright. Specifically, the Fulbright application. Yeah, Fulbright fellowships look shiny on college applications, and they should be because they are incredible and challenging, and competitive, …

A Guide to the Fulbright Application and Fulbright Fellowship Process Read More »

The Getting it Together Guide

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You don’t have to navigate the adulting struggle on your own. Here at Kara J Lovett Co., we want to support you during this challenging time of figuring things out and getting it together.

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