Growing in Faith

50 Encouraging Scriptures for Emergency Situations & Times of Trouble

a young woman reading the bible to find scriptures for emergency situations

In hard times, we may grab our Bible but be unsure where to turn. For those times, Bible emergency numbers come in handy, giving you a list of scripture references for emergency situations and times of trouble. This list includes fear, anger, worry, anxiety, confusion, abandonment, loneliness, grief, broken hearts, forgiveness, repentance, and unworthiness.

Even Though…God is in Control

a woman gazing out the window at a jungle landscape

When tough circumstances come your way, can you rest in the truth that God is in control? Whatever life throws your way, remember God’s sovereignty remains, and His plans can never be thwarted.

Faith: An Anchor in my heart during coronavirus

Anchor in my heart: faith during coronavirus

The message that Dr. Tony Evans taught this past Sunday answered two questions for me about the coronavirus, or COVID-19: “Why is this happening” and “What do we do”? This blog post is how I’ve been convicted to respond. May we all rely on Faith: an anchor in distress during coronavirus, COVID-19.

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