Good gift ideas are like diamonds, precious and rare. As soon as you find one, you don’t let it go. Sometimes it’s so good, you buy it for all your friends and family. Unfortunately, I have yet to get so lucky to find the “perfect” gift, but I do think I’ve come pretty close. 

If you can relate to the gift giving struggle, then this list of gifts for women in their 20s somethings is your diamond in the rough. Here are 20 recommendations for cool presents for 20 year olds, and tips and reminders for buying gifts for 20 year old females (or 20 somethings).

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Finding Gifts for a 20-year-old female (or 20-something)

When I was in grade school, my mom would give me the Toys R US catalog around Christmas, and I’d fold down the pages with the toys I wanted. Now, as a 20 something, there is no easy catalog to browse through. An online wish list may be the closest thing, but if you want to surprise the 20 somethings women in your life then you’re going to have to find an idea on your own. How? 

Let’s start with a classic idea generating method: brainstorming.

Brainstorming Birthday Ideas for 20 somethings 

The 20s is a time of transition for young adult women, whether in college or starting a first job or making a new career move. Take this into consideration when brainstorming ideas for cool gifts for 20-year-olds. With the stage of life comes different needs, but also the opportunity to give more practical gifts.

What should I get a girl for her 20th birthday? (or 20-something birthday)

Here are some gift categories to think about when buying gifts for women in their 20s.

What do you get a girl in her early 20s?

Because the 20s are such a time of transition, women in their 20s are in many different places and stages of life. But you can use that to your advantage. First apartment, first house, college grad, still in college – all these events help generate great gift ideas for women in their 20s. 

Things to remember when buying Birthday gifts for 20 year old female (or 20-something)

The college years are tough! Just keep that in mind when looking for gifts for 20-year-old females.  When I was in college, I didn’t have a lot of cash, I was stressed around midterms and finals, and I was always missing home. How can you help with a gift?

  • Think about ways you can encourage a college student to practice self-care.
  • Put together a care basket with everything they need to survive finals.
  • Make them a home cooked meal or give them a gift card to grab dinner when they have to study
  • Coffee gift cards!
  • School supplies and study materials

Things to remember for gift ideas for 22 year old female

A 22-year-old is likely starting her first job or about to go into the workforce soon, move into an apartment, be graduating from college, or all three. Consider gifts like:

Even if it’s not the perfect gift, it’s the thoughtfulness behind the gift that really matters.

Things to remember for birthday ideas for 23+ year old female

This woman in her 20s might be settled into her career, single or married, in an apartment or house, or about to make a huge life change. Fair to say, there’s a lot of variety but also a great chance to be creative. 

My best advice for this age group is to purchase something practical or give them a chance to experience something. Better yet, give them the gift of quality time over lunch or a steaming cup of coffee. 

When life is busy, sometimes we simply need encouragement and someone to tell us to slow down.

Gifts for 20 somethings Women

Hopefully, the previous part has already given you some gift ideas for women in their 20s and ways to brainstorm others. If you’re still looking for your “precious diamond level” gift, here are 20 gifts for women in their 20s. 

Whether for a birthday, Christmas, graduation, or another special occasion, these gifts for 20 somethings will be much appreciated by women in their 20s. 

Classic Gift Ideas for 22 year old female (or 20-something)

  • Personalized Stationery – Thank you cards or decorated paper with their names on it. As a young adult, it’s important to thank all of the people around you that helped you get there. Here’s a way to do it in style. 
  • Artisan Mugs or Personalized Mugs – a cup of coffee, a mug of tea, or some hot chocolate. Whatever their favorite hot drink is, they can enjoy in a new artisan ceramic mugs like this Make Room for Rest Mug from DayspringThis classic gift, while it never seems to fail, can be overdone, so make sure to check if your recipient already has a ton of mugs. 
  • Picture Frames with Photos of friends, family, and fun memories. Here are some gallery frames to use for any occasion and fill with pictures, photos, or inspiring words.  
  • Cash – It may feel impersonal, but it’s a classic gift for 20 year olds because it’s always appreciated and will not collect dust on the shelf. It can pay for groceries, utilities, internet, phone bill, or a fun evening with friends. Sky’s the limit. 
  • Jewelry is another classic gift for the 20-year-old female. Observe what jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets, watch) she wears most often and then get her something to compliment her wardrobe. 
  •  A watch from the 5TH – I adore my watch from the 5TH and don’t wear anything else since I got it in college. It’s extremely practical and professional, keeps me from looking at my phone all of the time, and it’s a stylish statement piece. Also, the 5TH has great customer service, too. 
Mug and Necklace Gift Set from DaySpring
Photo from DaySpring

Unique Gifts for 20 somethings

  •  The Original Make Up Eraser – Say goodbye to your make up wipes. These soft towels are reusable and wipe your makeup clean without any product.
  • Paper Sunday Journals – These spiritual journals include Scripture on every page. The gift receiver’s name will be written in each Scripture, so it feels like God is talking to you. The journal is a constant reminder that God loves you, sees you, and cares for you
  • Your Favorite Book or a Meaningful Book to You – I love personalized book recommendations. It’s as if someone is sharing with you a part of their life.
  • Journaling Bible – A new way to experience the Bible and fall in love with God’s word by journaling alongside the verses we know and treasure. Here’s my favorite one from Dayspring:  ESV Illuminated Bible, Art Journaling Edition, Hardcover with Slipcase
  •  Exploding KittensSuperFight, and ImaginIff* — These are my favorite board games and so great to play with friends and family. If you’re creative, a strategist, or simply in need of a laugh, I bet you’ll love these games, too. *Imaginiff was out of stock when I wrote this post, but hopefully it’s back in stock now.
  • Travel Accessories – For the 20-somethings who love to travel, think of a travel accessory you’ve appreciated in the past and buy one as a gift. For example: a carry-on, travel organization bag, jewelry organizer, packing cubes, a duffel bag, or a hiking backpack.  
  • A Membership or Subscription to Something – Think of different types of memberships that the 20 something you have in mind would never splurge on, but secretly wants. For example:
    • A membership to the museum of art
    • A streaming service or music subscription
    • Season passes to the closest performing arts center
    • Season passes to a theme park
    • Faithbox for a monthly box of Christian themed items to strengthen their faith

Best Apartment Gifts for 20 somethings

Gift Ideas for 20 year old female college students

  • Planners for Work and Home – a way to stay organized and keep track of assignments
  • Finals Survival Gift Basket – Pens, notebooks, index cards, highlighters, sticky notes, snacks, coffee gift cards, headphones and more.
  • Massage or Spa Gift Card – to relax, be pampered, and relieve stress before exams. What else could a 20s something woman need?
Wrapping a gift to give to a friend.

Best Gifts for Twenty Somethings Women

I hope this list of best gifts for 20-year-old females helps you pick out the perfect gift for whoever you are shopping for. And if you decide not to shop or can’t afford to get a gift, you can give in other ways, too. For example, spending quality time with them, doing an activity together, sharing God’s love with them, or giving them a home cooked meal. 

No matter which of the gifts for women in their 20s you choose, what really counts is the thought and your love for the person. 

Happy shopping!

What do you think is a good gift for a 20 year old? (or a 20-something)

Leave me a comment below!

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