32 Bucket List Things to Do in Spring 

Sometimes the winters look so bleak it feels like spring will never come again. But as God promises in Genesis 8:22, we will always have seasons—as sure as the rising of the sun. 

So, no matter what your winter has looked like, dust off your springtime bucket list and get ready for fun things to do in spring. (As soon as the chill goes away, of course!)

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Fun Things to Do in Spring

What are typical spring activities?

Typical spring activities involve going outside and enjoying the new life and awakening of nature after the darker winter months. Whether that’s enjoying the sunshine, counting clouds, or flying a kite, the milder temperatures open up a world of spring activities that lead us outside.

Now things to do in spring aren’t exclusively for the outdoors. Typical spring activities like planting an indoor garden, attending an Easter service, hosting a spring-themed party, and doing spring cleaning can be done indoors as well. 

Here are 32 fun things to do in the spring with friends or on your own:

  1. Pack a Picnic
  2. Attend a Baseball Game
  3. Plant a Garden
  4. Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
  5. Go to a Farmer’s Market
  6. Join an Outdoor Sport League
  7. Sign up for an Indoor Rec League
  8. Explore a New Park
  9. Plan / Do a Scavenger Hunt
  10. Fast for Lent to Prepare for Easter
  11. Attend an Easter Service
  12. Plan an Easter Egg Hunt
  13. Spring Cleaning
  14. Attend a Spring Festival
  15. Escape to the Mountains / Beach
  16. Clean out Winter Wardrobe
  17. Host a Garage Sale
  18. Fly a Kite
  19. Visit a Botanical Garden
  20. Take a Spring Break Trip / Vacation
  21. Go Hiking
  22. Jump in Rain Puddles
  23. Raid the Winter Clearance
  24. Plan a Road Trip
  25. Visit a National Park
  26. Go Ziplining
  27. Celebrate a Less-Known Spring Holiday
  28. Host a Spring Themed Potluck
  29. Visit Friends & Relatives
  30. Host /Attend a Bonfire
  31. Make a DIY Birdfeeder
  32. Go Camping

List of Activities

1 – Go on a Picnic

This typical spring activity is one of my favorite things to do in spring. Picnics are a great way to enjoy the warmer weather and gather a group of friends together. 

On top of that, you can tailor the picnic to your whims. For example, you may want to picnic on the beach, in a park, at home on the patio, or at a campsite. Pack sandwiches and fruit or go all out with a barbecue and potluck.

2 – Attend a Baseball Game

Spring is the start of the baseball season. Between the major leagues and the minor leagues, there are plenty of games to be seen.

Personally, I enjoy going with my friends and rooting against each other for our college team. We grab some fries and soft drinks from the concessions and cheer our (rival) teams to victory.

3 – Plant a Garden

Gardening is a typical spring activity because spring is an ideal time to plant things or start your garden. Make sure to do your research about the best plants to plant in springtime and how much sun and rain each plant needs. 

If tending to a garden outside isn’t your thing, then consider making an indoor garden. You can grow spices, herbs, or decorative plants from inside.

4 – Attend a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration

March 17th is St. Patrick’s Day and falls in springtime. Depending on where you are located, there may be a St. Patrick’s Day Celebration you can attend. Between parades, markets, shows, or restaurant specials, everyone loves a good holiday celebration.

Don’t forget to wear green!

5 – Go to a Farmer’s Market

With springtime, farmer’s market start reopening and selling the last of their winter produce and early spring produce. Get up early one morning and walk down the farmer’s market so you can get the best of the produce. 

Aside from food and produce, some farmer’s markets will also have art, fashion, jewelry, or other creative creations that you can purchase, too.

6 – Join an Outdoor Sports League

You don’t have to just watch the pros play baseball this spring season. Consider signing up for an outdoor rec sports league for adults. 

Personally, I love doing volleyball as a rec sport. Other friends of mine play softball during the spring with friends and coworkers.

(H3) 7 – Join an Indoor Sports League

If you’re somewhere in the world where it’s too cold to be playing sports outside, you can still get some fun and exercise in the springtime. Join an indoor sports league to enjoy the springtime sports from the comfort of the indoors. Indoor soccer is my favorite spring / winter sport to play.

8 – Explore a New Park

One of my favorite spring activities is explore a new park or walk along the riverwalk. The weather is perfect for enjoying the greenery, the river, and casual conversation with friends.

You can also go to the park on your own and read a fiction book or journal on a picnic blanket. Here are my top recommendations for fiction books for women in their 20s.

9 – Plan / Do a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy a park, hosting a scavenger hunt is the perfect springtime activity. The scavenger hunt is a great icebreaker and fun way to look out for nature you don’t normally pay attention to in parks. For example, I never knew our local park had turtles until a scavenger hunt.

10 – Fast for Lent to Prepare for Easter

When people think of spring activities, some think about fasting for lent. There are many different traditions around this fasting practice. I encourage you to do your research about what God says about fasting in the Bible (Matthew 6 is a good place to start) before you pick what you’ll give up in spring. 

Remember that fasting isn’t about what you give up. It’s about the sacrifice, which mimics Jesus’s sacrifice of his life on our behalf.

11 – Attend an Easter Service…

..and make the day special. The most important holiday in springtime for me is Easter, the celebration of Jesus’s resurrection and his triumph over sin and death. 

So, one of the top things to do in the spring is attending an Easter Service, whether it’s on the beach, in a chapel, at an outdoor church, or online via livestream. Make time and space for God to speak to you during this sacred time.

Paired with the newness of life and nature, Easter is such a powerful holiday for the springtime.

12 – Plan an Easter Egg Hunt with Friends & Family

Along the lines of Easter and festivals, planning or doing an Easter egg hunt could be a fun addition to your springtime bucket list. In my family, my aunts usually plan the scavenger hunt, but they don’t hide candy in the eggs. Instead, they use money!

Alternatively, my family and I commemorate the occasion by opening Easter eggs with symbols of Easter inside. Each symbol reminds us of Jesus’ resurrection and what we’re celebrating—life’s triumph over death.

13 – Do Your Spring Cleaning

Each season brings another round of cleaning to be done. Whether it’s dusting windows, vacuuming carpet, or cleaning outdoor furniture, spring cleaning gets us ready to enjoy the next season. Make sure to prioritize any areas of your house you use often in spring (like a sunroom) and outdoor spaces (such as patios and the yard).

14 – Attend a Spring Festival

Festivals are happening all year round, including in the spring. Easter celebrations may include a festival, and there are international festivals at this time, too. For example, I was fortunate to be able to see “Las Fallas” in Spain during the spring. 

Find out what spring festivals are happening near you (or far away) and make a plan to join in on the festivities.

15 – Escape to the Mountains or the Beach…

…before the busy season. Traveling in early spring or before summer are great ways to avoid the crowds, get lower prices, and find special deals on vacations (depending on where you’re going).

If you’re a mountain person, you may want to visit the nearest peaks so you can see the last of the snow. For those of us who love beaches, going to the beach during springtime is both relaxing and peaceful. Even without getting in the water.

16 – Clean Out Your Winter Wardrobe

Now that you’ve moved on from the winter season, one of the top items on your spring things list should be cleaning out your closet. What did you wear during the winter? What never left the closet? 

Time to give the latter things away to a thrift store or homeless shelter so other people can benefit from what you’re no longer using.

17 – Host a Garage Sale

While you’re doing your spring cleaning and clearing out your winter wardrobe, why not also host a garage sale? See if others in your neighborhood are interested in hosting a joint sale. 

Or visit garage sales with a group of friends. I love going to estate sales and finding unique treasures or antiques to take home.

18 – Fly a Kite

Flying a kite takes skill and practice, much like any sport or hobby. This is a fun, typical springtime activity to put on your bucket list if you love the outdoors and live in a windy place. 

Perhaps instead of flying a kite, spring is the time for you to pick up a new productive hobby to do in your free time.

19 – Visit a Botanical Garden

Several States and municipalities have a dedicated botanical garden where you can see native and exotic plants growing outside and in greenhouses. I enjoy walking around the gardens, writing or journaling in front of sculptures, and taking pictures of the exotic plants in bloom. As spring activities go, I’d recommend putting botanical gardens at the top of your list. 

Do you have a spring birthday? Here’s how to make a birthday special.

20 – Take a Spring Break Trip or Vacation 

If you’re a college student or teacher, then making the most of your spring break should be at the top of your bucket list. Make a spring break bucket list and plan a fun spring activities. 

Whether it’s going on a trip or traveling home to visit family, spring break is a great time to reset at the midpoint of the semester.

Not operating on a school calendar? You can plan to take time off work, go on a long weekend trip with friends, or make a point to call friends and family more often.

Whatever you decide, be sure to still take time for yourself throughout the spring season so you don’t get burned out. 

21 – 32: Other Springtime Activities to Do this Year

In addition to the 20 things to do in the spring listed above, here are some other springtime activities to add to your bucket list.

  • 21 – Go Hiking
  • 22 – Jump in Rain Puddles
  • 23 – Raid the Winter Clearance at your favorite store
  • 24 – Plan a Nature-Themed Road Trip
  • 25 – Visit a National Park
  • 26 – Go Ziplining
  • 27 – Find a Spring Holiday you never knew about and celebrate it with friends
  • 28 – Host a Spring Themed Potluck (Bloom, anyone?)
  • 29 – Catch Up with Friends / Visit Relatives
  • 30 – Host a Bonfire
  • 31 – Get Crafty – Make a DIY Birdfeeder for your house / apartment
  • 32 – Go Camping

For next season, check out our additional bucket lists:

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Fun Activities in Spring

Depending on where you are on the planet, spring can look different for you. Where I am in the South of the United States, we basically skip over spring straight to hot. (And then come summer months, we call that season “really hot”).

Even so, I love the newness, life, and color that comes along with spring. And thankfully, there are tons of fun things to do in spring so you can soak in all the season has to offer. Take a friend along and make this spring the best one yet. 

  • What springtime activities are you looking forward to?

Leave me a comment below!

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