13 Best Christian Podcasts to Tune into Today

While I spend most car rides singing at the top of my lungs to music, I’ve recently been listening to more podcasts. If you’re searching for a new Christian podcast, I recommend these best Christian podcasts for your upcoming long walks or cross-country car rides. 

Podcasts are great to 1) give your voice a rest, and 2) learn about new topics, explore new ideas, or dive deeper into Biblical topics. This list of 13 Christianity podcasts covers a range of topics from Bible Study to sermons, from culture and hot topics to Christian Living and apologetics. 

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Best Christian Podcasts

After exhausting my favorite music playlists earlier this year, I turned to podcasts. Many friends had recommended different Christian podcasts to me, but I couldn’t find the patience to sit still and listen. At least not to something I couldn’t sing along to.

But then I discovered that podcasts are perfect to listen to while I do other tasks. Now I’m listening to Christian podcasts on Spotify while I eat breakfast, wash dishes, or fold laundry. 

Why should you listen to Christian podcasts?

Here are the top 3 things I love about podcasts:

  1. I don’t have to stare at a screen to consume the content. Everyone needs a break from their phone or their laptop. Both to give your eyes a rest and take a break from the constant notifications.
  2. I learn something new. So far, every podcast I’ve listened to has taught me something new. Whether it’s about economics on the French News podcast I listen to or how a verse in the Old Testament points to Jesus on The Bible Recap.
  3. I can adjust the speed, rewind, and fast forward with ease. Lastly, podcasts apps (such as Spotify where I listen) make it easy to speed up or slow down content. I can replay small sections if I just missed something or fast forward to the more interesting parts.

Whether you already appreciate podcasts or are suddenly willing to give them a try, I recommend these 13 best Christian podcasts to add to your queue. 

  1. The Bible Recap
  2. John Mark Comer Teachings
  3. The Mary Marantz Show
  4. Made for This with Jennie Allen
  5. The Best of You – Alison Cook
  6. Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp
  7. Verity with Phylicia Masonheimer
  8.  The Alisa Childers Podcast
  9. Undercurrent with Gabe Lyons
  10.  Unbelievable? with Justin Brierly
  11.   After Class
  12. Prisoners of Hope
  13. Mere Fidelity

Some items on this list are Christian podcasts for women or Christian podcasts for young adults while others are general Christianity podcasts. We’ll look at each one deeper below. 

1 – The Bible Recap

Is there a daily Scripture or Bible Study podcast?

Yes. There are many daily Scripture podcasts out there. Right now, my favorite is The Bible Recap. This podcast helps you read through the Bible in a year and provides Biblical commentary and explanations for the harder passages and more complex theology.

The Bible Recap annual reading plan goes through the Bible chronologically. Every day, there is a scripture reading for you to do on your own. The same day, a short podcast, usually 5 to 7 minutes long, is released that summarizes the passage and adds Biblical commentary.

What I love about this podcast is how it encourages me to read scripture every day. Reading the Bible chronologically helps me see the single story God has written for humanity to save us and reveal Himself to us.

The podcast host is also passionate about reading the Bible to understand more about God and His character. At the end of every podcast, she challenges listeners to consider where they saw God in the daily Scripture passage. What did the Bible teach them about God today?

2 – John Mark Comer Teachings

My second recommendation for best Christian podcasts is John Mark Comer Teachings

His Christianity podcast focuses on how to practically follow Jesus’s teachings to live a full and better life in today’s complex and secular world.  

John Mark Cromer is the founding pastor at Bridgetown church in Oregon and the author of six books, including his newest publication Live No Lies. This book draws our attention to the war we face against the lies we believe about the world and ourselves. 

I first heard of John Mark Comer’s podcast while on retreat earlier this year. The focus of the retreat was creating a “Rule of Life.” While that sounds complicated, it was really simple. 

The retreat lessons encouraged me to stop chasing after busyness and embrace a simple life that honors God and draws me closer to him. After the retreat, I began to listen to other John Mark Comer podcast episodes on the “Rule of Life” topic. 

3 – The Mary Marantz Show

Hosted by the one and only Mary Marantz, The Mary Marantz Show covers a variety of lifestyle topics through a Christian lens. Every week, she brings honest conversations about faith, goals, relationships, and even business, too.

Her podcast is extremely encouraging for those who need to overcome fear, find themselves caught in constant comparison with others, or stuck in a cycle of perfectionism. 

But even if you’re not struggling with the above items, her podcast will inspire you to own the muddiest parts of your story with faith and courage. 

This podcast was recommended to me from a friend as we both struggle with critical thoughts and perfectionism. I’m excited to listen and hear a Biblical perspective about overcoming these challenges.

4 –Made for This with Jennie Allen

If you’re looking for a variety podcast that covers different topics every week and enjoy Jennie Allen’s books and teachings, Made for This with Jennie Allen is a great podcast to tune into.

Every week, Allen releases two podcast episodes. One episode focuses on Jenni’s teaching, and the second is an interview. Her podcast covers a variety of topics on Christian living – enduring suffering, feelings of loneliness, drawing closer to God, surrendering your plan and dreams, and much more.

Jenni Allen is the New York Times Bestselling author of Find Your People and Get out of Your Head. The second book is on our list of best Christian books for young women

If you’re a lady, you may have also heard her name attached to the IF:Gathering. She is the leader and founder of this annual women’s conference. 

5 – The Best of You with Alison Cook

Dr. Alison Cook is a therapist and author who has worked with women for more than two decades. She combines faith and psychology to bring you an amazing podcast on enjoying healthy relationships. 

Geared toward women, this podcast puts a godly view onto psychology and uses it to help others break free from harmful habits, heal from past pains, and discover their purpose. 

If you’re interested in psychology or how our minds and emotions work, then you’ll enjoy diving into these topics with Cook in this Christian podcast, The Best of You.

6 – Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp

Looking for an encouraging Christian podcast for young adults? Tune into Answer the Call with Kelsey Kemp. 

As young professionals, one of the greatest struggles is finding our calling and purpose, especially when it comes to our careers.

Kelsey Kemp is passionate about helping people discern their unique purpose. Additionally, her podcast gives helpful strategies to land a job and create a meaningful career. Along the way, she will discuss what God says about our calling, purpose, and our work. 

7 – The Verity Podcast with Phylicia Masonheimer

I first found Phylicia Masonheimer when someone gifted me her book Stop Calling Me Beautiful. For my list of 40 best Christian books for young adults, you’ll notice that her book is at the top. 

I loved the book’s central message of pursuing a deeper relationship with God. Having read some of her other books, too, I always appreciate how Phylicia encourages every woman to be their own theologian and not shy away from hard Biblical passages or topics.

That being said, I was excited to hear that she has a podcast, too— The Verity Podcast. Her podcast angle combines the Bible and history to discuss various topics of faith and culture. 

Some of her recent episodes talk about how to find deeper Bible study, understanding the prosperity gospel, and how to avoid being a Christian bully.  The goal of Phylicia’s podcast is to inspire you to deepen your faith, defend your beliefs gracefully, and seek God.

8 – The Alisa Childers Podcast

You may recognize the name Alisa Childers not from her podcast, but as a member of the popular Christian all-girls group ZOEgirl. Since her days in ZOEgirl, she has shifted from Contemporary Christian music to Christian Apologetics. 

Her podcast in particular focuses on “equipping Christians to identify the core beliefs of historic Christianity, discern its counterfeits, and proclaim the gospel with clarity, kindness, and truth.” 
From AlisaChildersBlog.Com

The podcast episodes cover theological topics such as Biblical doctrine as well as cultural topics like the new movie Jesus Revolution or comments on the Asbury, Kentucky Revival. 

I appreciate Childers’ biblical perspective on cultural events and popular secular opinions. Her episodes are relevant to understanding and defending the Christian faith against false teaching and “watered-down” Christianity.

9 – Undercurrent with Gabe Lyons

Another Christian podcast that puts the Christian faith in the center of our cultural wars and debates is Undercurrent with Gabe Lyons. He has a unique perspective on how faith can play a role in our culture and society. 

A bestselling author, Lyons writes about how Christians and faith can improve society even when faith has been deemed irrelevant or unimportant. He discusses the hot topics of culture with a Christian view. Additionally, he gives a call to action for all Christians to be actively involved in our current culture.

10 – Unbelievable? Faith Explored with Justin Brierly

Our list of best Christian podcasts takes a turn here away from Christian Living to more apologetic and theological podcasts. Apologetics is defined as defending your beliefs with logical arguments and reason.

In Unbelievable? Faith Explored, the host Justin Brierley conducts interviews and hosts debates with top thinkers to answer fundamental questions about life. Some examples of topics discussed are: Is there evidence for God? Is the Bible trustworthy? Did Jesus rise from the dead?

If you want to learn how to defend your faith, this is an informative podcast to start with. It’s also a good choice for those looking to know, understand, and refute the most current arguments and beliefs against the existence of God.

11 –  After Class

One of the best Christian podcasts for those wanting a more academic or textbook theological approach to common Christian questions is After Class. Hosted by three professors from Great Lakes Christian College, the podcast dives into controversial topics concerning the Bible and theology. 

This podcast is for those thirsting for a deeper understanding of the Bible and theology. If you enjoy learning from professor or wish you could attend Bible school, definitely give After Class a listen.

12 – Prisoners of Hope

Before you begin listening to this Christian podcast, you may want to prepare your heart and mind. The Prisoners of Hope podcast is as it sounds – stories of Christians around the world who have been persecuted for their faith or affected by persecution.

The two podcast hosts, Joshua Youssef, President of Help The Persecuted, and songwriter Will Carlisle interview people about their experiences with persecution. In this podcast, you will hear real stories about people risking their lives for the Gospel and how the Holy Spirit has worked in their lives.

13 – Mere Fidelity

Last but not least, we bring another highly theological podcast to add to your list of best Christian podcasts. Mere Fidelity is produced by the Mere Othodoxy Podcast Network and hosted by Matthew Lee Anderson, a professor of Theology at Baylor University, and Derek Rishmawy, a campus minister and theological PhD candidate.

Given the background of the two hosts, it’s no surprise that Mere Fidelity brings a theological angle to Christian podcasting. They provide deep theological analysis, overviews of influential theological works, and discussions about obscure theological topics. Every week, an episode is released about theology, culture, the church, or other Biblical topics. 

Christianity Podcasts

It can be hard to make time for God in a busy life. Thankfully, Christian podcasts allow us to engage with Biblical context, practical Christian living, and theological discussion on-the-go.

You can also supplement this list with devotionals for young professionals and other Bible reading plans. If you’ve wondered away from God a bit, some of these podcast could help you connect to God again.

Just remember that no Christian podcast, no matter how great it is, can take the place of daily time with God or reading the Bible for yourself. 

I hope this list of best Christian podcasts has gotten you excited about some new podcasts to listen to on your next car ride, long walk, or chore time. Wherever or however you listen to podcasts, be sure to come back and tell us about your favorite episodes. Happy Listening!

What are your favorite Christian podcasts?

Leave me a comment below!

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